2018 Goals

This year I have a number of personal projects to complete and textbooks to read so I’m using this post to keep track of them.  If I stick with this then by the end of this year I should be a stronger developer with a  lot more knowledge of operating system design, implementation, and troubleshooting.


☐ Write an assembler
☐ Write a file (de)compressor
☐ Find a kernel bug
☐ Find an application bug


☐ Create 3 websites and compromise them
☑ 1
☐ 2
☐ 3
☐ Send and detect a Christmas tree packet

Reading List

Debugging with GDB – Richard Stallman
Assemblers and Loaders – David Salomon
Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets – Peter van der Linden
Operating Systems: Design and Implementation – Andrew S Tanenbaum
Designing BSD Rootkits – Joseph Kong
Practical File-system Design – Dominic Giampaolo


Additional topics

☐ Testing
☐ Fuzzing

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