Serious Sam First Encounter Aimbot

I've never used cheats in online games but have always enjoyed watching aimbots eliminating whole teams as fast as possible. Unfortunately I couldn't find a whole lot of quality footage for this and making elaborate cheats for single player doesn't seem to be a thing at all. So I've used some my time in quarantine to write an aimbot for the Serious Engine, it has a good visual style suited for spectators and has masses of enemies for targetting.
Coming from Unix with no prior Windows programming experience I was able to get this up and running in a week which is a testamant to the quality of the guides on, I highly recommend anyone else wanting to do this sort of thing to start there.
I still have some problems to fix such as projectiles and other items being targeted but the main capabilities have been implemented, all of this can be seen in the video to the right.

2020-06-18 Update
Most of the original shortcomings have been addressed and whilst it takes some getting used to, Serious Sam can now be played without a mouse as shown in video two.
2020-06-26 Update
The source code has been released here.
The Windows binary has been released here

(1) Original 2020-06-13 Demo

(2) 2020-06-18 Demo

(3) 2020-06-23 Oasis Frog Boss - Mental Difficulty

(4) 2020-07-05 Great Pyramid - Normal Difficult, this level is fairly easy on mental except for the reptiloid section