Stopping Mutt Calling Out

When launching the Mutt e-mail client without a network connection I noticed it takes a long time to load, whilst I sometimes use network outages to catch up on e-mails this was mostly to satisfy my curiousity as to what Mutt could be calling out for.
This code causing this is in the middle of the mutt_init routine where it does a DNS query on your FQDN unless you set the domain name at compile time, this is here:
#ifdef DOMAIN
  domain = safe_strdup (DOMAIN);
#endif /* DOMAIN */
  /* now get FQDN.  Use configured domain first, DNS next, then uname */
  if (domain)
    /* we have a compile-time domain name, use that for Fqdn */
    Fqdn = safe_malloc (mutt_strlen (domain) + mutt_strlen (Hostname) + 2);
    sprintf (Fqdn, "%s.%s", NONULL(Hostname), domain); /* __SPRINTF_CHECKED__ */
  else if (!(getdnsdomainname (buffer, sizeof buffer)))
    Fqdn = safe_malloc (mutt_strlen (buffer) + mutt_strlen (Hostname) + 2);
    sprintf (Fqdn, "%s.%s", NONULL(Hostname), buffer); /* __SPRINTF_CHECKED__ */
    Fqdn = safe_strdup(utsname.nodename);
So to avoid your FQDN being looked up every time you launch Mutt you can either ./configure Mutt with --with-domain"" or add your hostname to /etc/hosts.
Whilst it's reassuring that Mutt is only looking up the information it needs for local e-mail to function I'd rather it didn't try to lookup my FQDN and just took the options from .muttrc.
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